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(All of these activities are optional.)

Grand EntranceSPLASH DJ will meet (outside) with bride/groom and wedding party upon their arrival at the reception hall to organize the ‘Grand Entrance’ announcement. In most cases, wedding party will be announced in reverse order starting with the ushers and/or flower girl and ring bearer. The wedding party will enter the reception room as their names are announced; the bride and groom are announced and enter the room last. This is a great way to let your guests know that the bride/groom/wedding party has arrived and also, who is in the wedding party. Another option is to announce the bride and groom only.)


Dinner AnnouncementSPLASH DJ will make dinner announcements to have your guests be seated for dinner. If needed, SPLASH DJ will also release tables (for buffet style dinner). Having the caterers or SPLASH DJ release tables eliminates along line of people waiting at the buffet. The head table is released for dinner first, followed by any reserved tables. The remaining tables are released in random order (we usually release tables with small children and/or elderly people first).


Best Man/Matron of Honor Toast—SPLASH DJ will make sure champagne (or other beverage) is poured and ready at head table. SPLASH DJ will also make sure caterers are ready to begin dinner (once the toast is completed, dinner begins). SPLASH DJ will formally introduce the Best Man and/or Matron of Honor and direct everyone’s attention to the head table (a professional wireless microphone is used for all announcements so they may be made from anywhere in the reception hall). SPLASH DJ will also announce and introduce anyone else who may have a special toast or announcement that they would like to make.


Dinner Blessing/Prayer—prior to dinner, SPLASH DJ will meet briefly with person who is saying the dinner blessing (we normally have the dinner blessing immediately after the toast). SPLASH DJ will formally introduce the person saying the dinner blessing while making sure all guests are quiet and attentive.


Cutting of the Cake—when everyone is done with dinner, SPLASH DJ will announce the traditional ‘Cutting of the Cake’. Many of your guests will like to share in this ‘sweet’ occasion by watching and taking pictures. This is another important reception event that your guests need to be aware of. (Be sure to have a few wet washcloths or napkins nearby to help wipe the frosting from your nose!)


 Bridal Dance—this is the bride and groom's first dance together as husband and wife. This is the most important announcement of the evening and deserves to be heard by all of your guests. Prior to this announcement, SPLASH DJ will make sure all members of the wedding party are in the reception room (we normally have them gather near the head table or dance floor area). Once everyone is present and accounted for we begin the evening’s formal dances with the ‘Bridal Dance’. After this dance, the bride and groom remain on the dance floor as the ‘Wedding Party Dance’ begins.


Wedding Party Dance—this dance is for the entire wedding party and the parents of the bride and groom (optional). SPLASH DJ will announce each member/couple of the wedding party as they enter the dance floor area. Having the ushers join you on the dance floor is optional (if they will be dancing, be sure they have someone to dance with and note this on SPLASH DJ planning form).


Father/Daughter Dance—this is a special traditional dance for the bride and her father. This dance immediately follows the ‘Wedding Party Dance’. SPLASH DJ will provide a list of appropriate song choices if needed. (This dance may also be combined with the ‘Mother/Son’ dance if desired.)


Mother/Son Dance—this is a special dance for the groom and his mother. It immediately follows the ‘Father/Daughter’ dance or may be combined with the' Father/Daughter’ dance (SPLASH DJ will provide a list of appropriate song choices if needed).


Longest Married Couples Dance—this is a special dance for all the married couples who are attending your wedding reception. The goal is to find out which couple has-been married the longest. SPLASH DJ will begin by inviting all married couples to join the bride and groom out on the dance floor. While an appropriate slow song is being played, SPLASH DJ will begin asking couples who have been married one day or less to leave the dance floor . Next is one year, 5 years, 10 years and so on until there is only one couple left on the dance floor. The bride and groom usually go back out on the dance floor to greet them and SPLASH DJ will announce who the longest married couple is and how long they have been married. As an alternative to the traditional ‘Bouquet’ toss, bride may present her bouquet to the longest married couple (Please notify SPLASH DJ if you want to do this).


Garter/Bouquet Toss—this optional event is a crowd pleaser that is best done later in the evening (I suggest after 9: 00 pm). SPLASH DJ will announce to have all single ladies come out to the dance floor for their chance to catch the beautiful bouquet. Appropriate background music and drum-roll is provided. Next, SPLASH DJ will invite all the single guys to enter the dance floor area. A chair is provided for the bride and the groom will remove the garter and toss it (again, appropriate background music and drum-roll is provided). Other options or variations include having a ‘Teddy Bear Toss’ or second ‘Bouquet



Dances for Receptions and Parties

Anniversary/Marriage Countdown Dance All married couples and newlyweds are invited onto the dance floor. The newlyweds are requested to remain on the dance floor throughout the entire dance. Every thirty seconds or so, the D.J. will ask everyone that has been married a year or less to leave the dance floor. Then 5 years, 10 years, etc. This continues to 40 years. Then the D.J. will count “41, 42, 43...” until only the longest-married couple and the newlyweds remain. The D.J. will prompt the crowd to applaud them and ask the older couple to share their secret for a successful marriage over the microphone. 


Back-To-Back People are asked to dance as singles on the dance floor. When the music stops, everyone is to find a partner and interlock their arms back-to-back. The last two people to form a pair are out. The music will be started and stopped until there is one remaining pair on the dance floor. They are the winners. 


Centerpiece Givaway During the meal, the D.J. will ask someone at each table to hold up a dollar bill. When the music plays, the dollar bill is to be passed around the table clockwise (to the right). When the music is stopped, the person holding the dollar is to become the In-Charge for the rest of the guests at the table during the remainder of the reception. They are to make sure that anybody who needs a drink or anything else, will get serviced. That person keeps the dollar for their efforts in this regard. Now the folks who initially held up the dollar bills have just bought themselves the table centerpiece! (Very fun game to get the crowd motivated.)


Chicken Dance D.J. asks the guests to form a circle on the dance floor. D.J. starts the Chicken Dance song. The guests then go into the chicken dance routine which includes a dosey-doe. Very popular group participation dance. 


Conga Line D.J. asks for everyone on the dance floor to form a line behind the Bride & Groom with their hands on the waist of the person in front of them. The line goes all around the room and picks up guests and ends up with everyone on the dance floor.


Dollar / Money Dance This is traditionally done at a wedding reception. For a dollar or more, any guest can briefly dance with the bride and groom. In order to begin, the D.J. will ask the Maid/Matron of Honor and the Best Man to assist by standing next to the bride and groom, respectively. The women are asked to line up behind the groom, and the men behind the bride. The D.J. will play popular ballads so that all participants will have the opportunity to dance. Participants are not to dance longer than 30-60 seconds.


Freeze Contest A volunteer “judge” is chosen. The people are instructed to stand in the middle of the dance floor and dance in couples or singles while the music is playing. When the music stops, they must immediately freeze or the judge will tap them on the shoulder and they will be “out.” Prizes will be given to the Third, Second and First Place winners. 


Garter Toss Trick Game After the bouquet toss and the garter toss, the girl who caught the bouquet is asked to sit in a chair on the dance floor. The D.J. will play some fun music and the guy has to put the garter on the leg of the lady who caught the bouquet. If the crowd is a little risqué, the D.J. may play the “baseball” segment of “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights”, and have the woman put the garter on the man after he has put it on her.


Guys Singing to Girls The D.J. will ask that all the girls line up on the left side of the dance floor and all the guys to line up on the right. The D.J. will announce that this is a yelling contest. First, all the guys are to yell to the girls, as loud as they can “Celebrate good times, come on!” The D.J. will then ask the girls to yell the line as loud as they can. The D.J. will then ask the bride and groom to decide which group was the loudest. The girls are usually the winners. So now, the guys are asked to get down on their knees and sing the song, “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” to the girls, along with the music.


Hula Hoop Contest The group is divided into teams of 5 to 10 people. One team is invited to start the contest by forming a line. Each member of the team gets a hula hoop. When the music starts, they must spin the hoop continuously between their shoulders and knees only. When the hoop falls to the ground that contestant is out. When there is only one person left, that team is finished. This gets repeated with each of the teams. When each team is finished it’s time for the big “Hoop Off”. Here the winners form a circle and finish the contest to the final winner. Sometimes when there are real pros at the hula hoop, the D.J. will have them spin the hoop on one foot!


Limbo Rock Two volunteers are to hold a six-foot pole at each end. The D.J. will ask the people to line up in front of the pole. When the music starts everyone must dance under the pole by arching their backs with their heads being the last thing to go under. Contestants who bend forward or arch their necks will be “out.” There should be enough space between the participants so that they do not bump into each other. Every minute or so the pole is to be lowered a few inches. Those who bend improperly, touch the pole or fall are eliminated.


Line Dance The D.J. asks participants to form two lines, one facing the other. All the guys stand in one line and all the gals stand in the other. The couple at the far end of the line are instructed to dance between the lines, bumping their hips along the way, when the music starts.


Love Songs to the Bride This is generally done while the bride and groom are doing table visitations. The D.J. will announce that the bride and groom have requested that rather than tinging glasses in order to get them to kiss, they wish to have a love song sung to the bride. The D.J. will then pass a wireless microphone around to persons who wish to sing a love song, accapello, to the bride. After the song is sung the bride is to kiss her groom.


Multiplication Dance For this dance everyone stands in a circle. The D.J. will choose a man and a woman to dance in the middle of the circle. When the D.J. announces ?break”, the people in the middle of the circle is to pick someone of the opposite sex to join them. Only the people in the middle of the circle dance. This continues until everyone is dancing. This is a great way to get the whole crowd to dance.


Musical Chairs In advance, the D.J. will ask the host/hostess of the party to choose 18 people he or she would like to be part of the Musical Chairs game. When the time comes, the D.J. will have 18 chairs lined up on the dance floor, back to back (two rows of 9 each). The D.J. will then call out the names on the list and have these people come to the dance floor and take a seat. The audience is then asked to applaud the specially selected people and will then announce that this is Musical Chairs. The D.J. will then ask that a volunteer come to the dance floor to be the referee. When the D.J. starts playing music everyone in the chairs is to get up and start dancing around the chairs going clockwise with their hands on their heads. During this time, the referee is to remove a chair. When the music stops, everyone is to find a chair and sit down. The person who doesn’t have a seat is “out.” (If two people sit in the same chair, it is the referee who makes the decision one who sat first.) This continues until there is only one person left.


Orange Pass with Chin Everyone on the dance floor is to form a circle. The D.J. will place an orange under one person’s chin and start some fun music. The person with the orange is to now pass it to the person to the right’s chin. Hands are not permitted. This continues around the circle. Anyone who drops the orange or uses the hands is to place it under the next person’s chin and is “out”. The winner is the one who was able to keep the orange under the chin during passes without dropping it.


YMCA At the beginning, the D.J. will play the YMCA by the Village People. The group gathers together on the dance floor. (Sometimes different hats can be worn for this wild dance.) On the chorus of the song, everybody raises their arms in the positions to form the letters “Y”, “M”, “C” and “A” to go along with the lyrics of Y...... M.... C.... A.... This is a time tested group participation dance!  


Snowball Dance (to any appropriate, longer, slow song -or- whatever suits the party) - Starting with one couple dancing, (consisting of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah boy or girl and an adult partner during a Bar/Bat Mitzvah), whenever "Snowball" is called, those dancing go out amongst those in attendance not yet dancing and select someone to quickly bring back to the dance floor. Thus starting with 2 then making 4 then making 8 then 16, 32, etc. on the dance floor until there's no longer enough in attendance to double the dance floor population, at which time everyone is invited who hasn't been selected. The next command given is simply to change partners. A great way to pack the floor and provide grounds for lots of participation. 


Anniversary Dance (to "Remember When" by Alan Jackson) - An activity solely for the adults in attendance good while the kids are involved in an activity like "make your own sundae": All married folks are invited to the dance floor with their partner. All start dancing and continue until they are instructed to leave because they haven't yet been married for so and so many years. The number of years proceeds from 1 on up as far as possible e.g. "If you've been married for less than 20 years, please step off the dance floor." (At a wedding, the bride and groom can stay on the floor for the duration and then dance with the couple who have been married the longest.) 


Party Circle (to an array of music with an “up” feel and an easy, danceable tempo) - A circle of dancers with the focus on the individual(s) showing their "stuff" in the middle, gives everybody an opportunity to feel like a star and be appreciated, for as long as they’re comfortable in the spotlight (or until it’s someone else’s turn).


Face Off (to a more “funky-sounding” array of music with an “up” feel and an easy, danceable tempo) - Two columns of dancers face each other, guys facing gals. Dance partners dance down the middle between the two columns. In that there's often an uneven number of guys facing gals, dancers often get matched with someone different when it's their turn, which adds to the excitement and variety.


The Stroll (to “The Stroll” by the Diamonds) - A 50’s version of the Face Off with a more relaxed tempo, featuring easy to learn characteristic dance steps is a “must” at a Sock Hop or “Golden Oldies Spectacular” theme party.


Human Arch (to an array of music with an “up” feel and a easy, danceable tempo) - The first couple joins hands and forms an arch. The second couple dances under the arch and then adds their hands making the arch a little bigger. The third couple dances under the arch and then joins their hands together, and so the arch grows with each new couple becoming a part of the arch after they’ve danced under its length. When the last couple has joined the arch, the first couple gets to dance under everybody’s joined hands. This process continues until each couple gets to dance through this human tunnel, which when long enough, can wind its way back and forth several times over the dance floor. 


Electric Slide (to “Electric Boogie” by Marcia Griffiths, “Pink Cadillac” by Aretha Franklin, “Candy” by Cameo, “Mustang Sally” by Wilson Pickett, “Got To Give It Up” by Marvin Gaye, etc.) - This is STILL the line dancing mainstay with endless variations. Back To Top


Cha Cha Slide (to “The Cha Cha Slide Part 2” by Casper) - Line dancing at a faster tempo for young and old, this slide provides a lot of opportunities to “express oneself,” and is fun to mix in and out of and teach without missing a beat. Back To Top


Cupid Shuffle (to "Cupid Shuffle" by Cupid) - One of the "newer" Hip Hop line dances, lots of fun and easy to learn made up of three 8-beat phrases and two four beat phrases, lending itself to creativity and expression. Back to Top


Charleston Shuffle (to “Plastic Dreams" by Jaydee) - Often referred to as the “New Electric Slide,” the Charleston Shuffle is a line dance that is fun to learn and especially captivating to watch. Back To Top


Cha Cha Call (to “Back It Up and Jump” by Alexander and “Booty Call” by Blackstreet) Also referred to as "Mississippi Slide" and "Booty Call", a funky line dance which is easy to learn by listening to the lyrics is another group dance that can be effectively sandwiched between familiar dance numbers. Back To Top


John Travolta Dance (to “Ladies Night” by Kool & the Gang, “Night Fever” by the Bee Gees) - Taken from the movie “Saturday Night Fever,” this line dance creates a spectacle, featuring a variety of the classic John Travolta disco moves, transforming those on the dance floor into impressive floor show entertainers. Back To Top


The Hustle (to “The Hustle” by Van McCoy) - What has been construed as the “original line dance,” The Hustle is a natural for the “Saturday Night Fever” theme party. Back To Top


Stepper’s Game (To “Step In the Name of Love” by R. Kelly) - Seven smooth moves that feel so good, can be done with partners or in a line. Back To Top


Macarena (to “The Macarena” by Los Del Rios) - Eight moves that can be done standing in place and taking a quarter turn to the left, or as an uncanny conga line. The moves can be transferred to a variety of other dances. Back To Top


Conga Line (to “Shake Sonora” by the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies, “Hot, Hot, Hot” by Buster Poindexter, “Conga” by Gloria Estefan, etc.) - Whether spontaneous or staged, with or without the hands on the hips of the person in front, with or without conga sleeves and maracas, in a circle or winding its way around the room, out the door, back in again and onto the dance floor, conga lines simply enliven the party. Back To Top


Party Train (to “C’mon Ride It” by Quad City DJs, “Love Train” by the O’Jays, “Locomotion” by Kyle Minogue, etc.) Great for sparking the party up a notch, introduced to a packed floor, and staged with a charismatic “engineer.” Back To Top


Bunny Hop (to “The Bunny Hop” by Ray Anthony) - It’s an old-fashioned follow the leader around the room dance, based on a rhythm pattern that repeats every 8 beats. Back To Top


Chicken Dance (to “Chicken Dance” by Gotman Sauerkraut Band) German circle dance for young and old, roosters and hens—we do it “southern style!” Back To Top


Hokey Pokey (to “Hokey Pokey” by Ray Anthony) - Inherent with this old-fashioned circle dance are some “twists” that can make it even more “hokey.” Real young (or real drunk) often enjoy this simple number. Back To Top


Hora (to a wide range of traditional Horas and Medleys of different duration) - Presented as an exciting, even climactic, dance that can be led all around the room, this Jewish circle dance celebrates life. Back To Top


Tarantella (to “Tarantella” from the Godfather, “Tarantella” by Chuck Mangione, etc.) - Presented as an exciting, even climactic, dance that can be led all around the room, this Italian circle dance celebrates life. Back To Top


Cotton-Eyed Joe (to “Cotton-Eyed Joe” by Rednex) - Great to bring out the “Yee-Hahs!” especially when beat-mixed to a crowded dance floor from a neighboring tempo, this fast-paced number is an easily-taught country line dance. Back To Top


Boot Scootin’ Boogie (“Boot Scootin’ Boogie” by Brooks & Dunn) - This classic, catchy-looking, country line dance is done to some catchy-sounding music.



Bouquet Toss & Garter Removal Ideas

1) Can toss both Garter and Bouquet at the same time.

2) Can place a $10 or $20 bill in the garter to "Sweeten the pot".

3) Blindfold the groom; The Bridesmaids then all show their legs and the groom must guess the right leg before removing the garter. Individuals other than the "bridesmaids" may be used (i.e. grandma, best-man, well you get the idea)

4) Blindfold the catcher and he must put the garter on the bouquet catchers leg or guess the right person as well.

5) The groom tosses his "Little Black Book" instead of the garter. Stating he will no longer need it.

6) The groom before he starts to take off the garter is handed a "Miners Hat with Working Light". Stating that it is dark under the full length dress. This works best with a full length white dress. The light will make the dress glow and everyone can see the light move throughout the dress, but nothing else...

7) Balloon Garter Drop - This works best in a facility with high ceilings. Decorators take a large balloon and fill it with several smaller balloons. One of the smaller balloons holds the garter. The larger balloon makes a nice decoration as well. The groom then takes a long pole with a pin on the end and breaks the larger balloon. All the smaller balloons fall to the ground and the bachelors have to search for and break the smaller containing the garter.

8) Black Garter Toss - This must be planned with your DJ before the event. If you do not have a lot of single friends or do not wish to embarrass anyone this may be an alternate to the garter toss. Your MC invites the groom to the dance floor. Then asks for all the married men to the floor. The groom tosses the garter to the married men. At this point The MC tells the catcher that the garter may be placed on his wife's the privacy of their home/room. The Bride invites a special friend to the floor and gives her the bouquet.

9) Garter Gag - This must be preplanned with Your DJ before the event, Preferred several weeks before the event. The Catcher of the Bouquet sits in a chair on the center of the dance floor... as the catcher of the garter (standing in front of the catcher of the bouquet) is blind folded, we then swap the catcher of the bouquet in the chair with a gentleman (the hairier the legs the better), we then explain to the catcher of the garter that he will be required to put the garter on "HER" leg... the higher he goes, the more fun the Bride and Groom will have on their honeymoon (the more money they'll make in a lifetime, the more children they'll have, just to name a few more).

10) Bride presents the Bouquet.

11) Invite all the married women to the floor. Then start eliminating them by asking "all the women married one year or fewer steps to the edge of the dance floor" and so on until there is only one woman left (the bride stays on the floor the whole time). Find out how long she has been married and hand her the bouquet.

12) The bride stands in the middle of the floor and is blindfolded. The single ladies make a circle around her. The bride spins in one direction and the ladies rotate around her in the opposite directions. When the music stops everyone stops moving and the one the bride is facing is the one to get the bouquet.


How To Obtain a Wedding License in Virginia

Application Process

  • License Fee: $30.00.
  • Marriage licenses are issued by the Clerk of the Circuit Court. A couple may go to any circuit court in Virginia to obtain this license.
  • Minimum Age: 16.
    • If a party is 16 or 17 years of age a father, mother or legal guardian must appear with valid photo identification.
    • The Clerk’s Office will provide a special affidavit for the parent’s signature.
  • Waiting Period: None.
  • License Validity: 60 Days.
  • Blood Test: Not Required.
  • Residency: Not Required.
  • Witnesses: There is no statutory requirement that witnesses be present at the marriage ceremony.

Local Wedding Officiants for your wedding or vow renewal ceremony. Submit one form to top-rated marriage officiants in your locality. You choose the best Wedding Officiant.

Ask a Lawyer Online Now!24 Lawyers Are Online. Ask a Question, Get an Answer ASAP.


The couple must appear before the Clerk together to obtain a license and be 18 years of age or older. The couple must provide the following:

  • Valid photo identification (a valid driver’s license with picture, passport or military identification)
  • $30 cash or credit card (MasterCard and Visa only with a 4% transaction fee)
  • Their social security number (they do not need to bring their social security card)
  • The full names of each applicant’s parents (including full middle names) as they appear on their birth certificates. (If a parent’s maiden name differs from their current name, the applicant must provide that parent’s full maiden name.)
  • Each party must furnish the required information under oath or affirmation and falsifying any information on a marriage license could subject the parties to prosecution for perjury.

ID Requirement:

  • Driver’s License
  • State issued ID card
  • Military ID
  • Passport
  • Passport Card
  • Permanent Resident Card
  • Foreign Gov’t issued Passport

Waiting Period:

There is no waiting period. You will receive your license immediately, and may get married as soon as the license is issued.

Residency Requirement:

There are none. You do not have to be a previous or current resident of Virginia to obtain a marriage license

Previous Marriages:

The date of your divorce or the date of your spouse’s death must be provided. Bring a certified copy of the divorce decree or death certificate.

Marriage License Fees:

The marriage license fees in Virginia is $30. Some clerks offices accept credit cards with an additional fee. All accept cash.

Proxy Marriages:

No. Proxy marriages are not allowed in Virginia. Both parties must be present.

Cousin Marriages:

Yes. You can marry your first or second cousin in Virginia.

Commom Law Marriages:

Common Law marriages are not allowed or recognized in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Blood test in Virginia:

There is no blood test requirement for marriage in Virginia.

Name Change:

Getting a marriage license with your new name on it does not mean your name has automatically changed. If you need to change your last name, you can use an online marriage name change kit.

Under 18:

  • The minimum age for marriage in the Commonwealth of Virginia is 16 years for both parties.
  • If either party is under 18 years old, consent to the marriage must be given in person by the father, mother or legal guardian of the minor.
    • The law permits marriage for a Virginia resident under the age of sixteen if the bride is pregnant when seeking a marriage license or has been pregnant within the nine months preceding examination by a physician, and the parent or guardian of the underage party gives consent.

Officiants in Virginia:

  • A minister of any religious denomination may be authorized by the circuit court to celebrate the rites of matrimony. In order to obtain such authorization, the minister must produce proof of his ordination and regular communion with the religious society of which he is a reputed member. Marriages between persons belonging to any religious society which has no ordained minister may be solemnized by the persons and in the manner prescribed by and practiced in the society.
  • The minister or other person officiating at the marriage must complete and sign the Marriage Register and the Marriage Return and forward both forms to the clerk of the court who issued the license within five days after the ceremony is performed. The Marriage Return is forwarded by the clerk to the State Division of Vital Records. In addition to the forms to be returned to the clerk, the officiant may also prepare a certificate to be given to the newly married couple.


There is no statutory requirement that witnesses be present at the marriage ceremony.

License Validity Time:

A Virginia marriage license is valid for 60 days from the date of issue.

Copy of Certificate of Marriage:

VDH, Office of Vital Records
and Health Statistics
P.O. Box 1000
Richmond, VA 23218-1000
Ph: 804.662.6200

Please Note: State and county marriage license requirements often change. The above information is for guidance only and should not be regarded as legal advice. For more information regarding Virginia marriage license laws and records please visit


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